Love eyeliner, but don’t love applying it each day?


Semi-Permanent Eyeliner is a simple way to enhance your eyes with long-lasting results and the perfect solution for those who wear eyeliner each day.

The technique can also be used to create more definition and enhance the upper and lower lash line.

How Does It Work?


Unlike normal tattooing, the pigment is not as deep. This creates a more natural/softer look than traditional tattooing.

Find out more about how it works and have any other questions answered here.


How Many Sessions Do I Need?


Eyeliner tattooing is usually performed over two (or more) treatments. In the initial session, we’ll carry out a detailed consultation. During this process we discuss and begin creating the desired look, shape and colour of your eyeliner.

The second session is the perfection visit – This is required between 4-8 weeks after initial treatment. Depending on your lifestyle & home care, some people may require a second perfection visit.


Important Note: Not everyone is suited for cosmetic tattooing. Please read our Semi Permanent Make up Eligibility, before booking a consultation.