Lip Quiz

Lip Theory QUIZ

Lips Quiz
1. What is the outermost layer of skin called?
2. True or false: The dermis is constantly regenerating itself and sloughing off.
3. What should you keep in mind when working on mature skin?
4. Which of the following is true about working on scars?
5. Can you tattoo someone’s lips if they’ve had filler?
6. Which of the following IS NOT a contraindication?
7. Which colour neutralises blue?
8. Anaesthetic contains….
9. True or false: Needle cartridges should be disposed of in a waste bin marked ‘clinical waste’.
10. When do we apply numbing cream to the lips…
11. True or false… We cannot tattoo outside the vermilion border of the lips.
12. If you look at the inside of your clients’ wrists and their veins appear purple, how would you describe their skin tone?
13. Pigments containing titanium dioxide are more likely to…
14. True or false… it is recommended to cleanse the treated area daily during the healing process.
15. What factors can affect the healing timeframe? (select all correct answers)
16. Is it safe to mix different pigment colours together?
17. Aftercare balm should be applied….
18. For the first 24 hours after treatment the client should…
19. Why do we start the tattoo process on the bottom lip?
20. Tattooing techniques include: